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Queen of Hearts Raffle – ROUND 2

Queen of Hearts Raffle Rules

  • All new players must register and receive a raffle number.  The raffle number must be maintained by player and written on all tickets purchased thereafter.  The Bunker Hill Area Chamber of Commerce has the right to stop issuing new raffle numbers during the continued weeks of play.
  • Once registered, player can purchase tickets for the current and future drawings.
  • The player’s identifying raffle number must be on the ticket along with player’s choice of a card number from the current board.  If player fails to write down a card number, the first available card starting from number 1 will be selected for the player.
  • Tickets are sold daily at Sage House in Bunker Hill for the drawing of the week.  Sales end at 7:45 pm (15 minutes) prior to the drawing time which is 8:00 pm every Monday evening.
  • Tickets are $1.00 each.  There is no limit to the number of tickets sold.  After each drawing, that week’s tickets are discarded.  New ticket sales will begin for the next week’s drawing, if the Queen of Hearts is not drawn.
  • Once a ticket is drawn, the raffle number will be called out and the player on the ticket will have 10 minutes to come to the board for the drawing.  A raffle representative will verify player’s identification and the raffle number with the registry book.  If a ticket is drawn and does not have a Raffle Number it will be consider invalid.  A new ticket will be drawn until a valid ticket is presented.  Only if present, the player will be able to change their card number selection.
  • The jackpot will consist of 60% of the total money taken in and will be rewarded upon the Queen of Hearts being pulled from the board.
  • If the player is present and the Queen of Hearts is drawn, they will receive 100% of the jackpot.  If not present, and the Queen of Hearts is drawn, then player will receive 50% of the jackpot.
  • The game is over once the Queen of Hearts is selected.
  • Consolation prizes are also rewarded weekly if the Queen of Hearts is not selected. Prizes will be treated and paid as follows, 100% if player is present and 50% if not present.

Jokers                    $200.00
Aces                       $100.00
Face Cards           $50.00
All other cards    $25.00

  • All winners are responsible for the payment of any and all taxes.  If the prize is over $600.00, the Bunker Hill Area Chamber of Commerce will issue a W-2G to the winner.  Once the prize exceeds $5,000.00, the Bunker Hill Area Chamber Commerce will withhold federal income tax and state income tax from the winnings.  All prizes that exceed $600.00 will be paid by check to the winner on the following Wednesday, (2) days later, upon the completion of the proper paperwork and identification.  Two forms of ID will be required, one being a photo ID.  Failure of the winner to return the proper paperwork and identification will void the prize money; the prize money will remain with the Bunker Hill Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • The jackpot will be capped at $1 Million Dollars.  Once the jackpot reaches $1 Million that Monday’s drawing will be the last week of play.  If the Queen of Hearts is not pulled on the first try, an additional ticket will be drawn and that process will continue until the Queen of Hearts is pulled from the board to end the game.

Breakdown of Raffle Income:
40% to the BH Chamber of Commerce for Community Events such as Fall Fest and Christmas Walk, High School Scholarships, and Business Development.

Future Raffles will be determined by the BH Chamber of Commerce’s Raffle Committee after the conclusion of the first raffle



Fall Festival – September 8, 2018

Always the second Saturday in September, the Fall Fest is the Chamber’s largest event and organizational fundraiser. The event includes: Little Miss/Master Bunker Hill, Talent Show, Car & Tractor Show, Kidz Corner, Live Music, Food & Craft Vendors galore!