Director's Letter

Bunker Hill IL boasts a population of 1,700, if friends and family were visiting. There are 47 community service/non-profits in this friendly, rural community residing within the 62014 ZIP Code. It sports an award-winning school system and remains the small town where strangers wave as you pass by and where residents take the time to strike up a conversation and get to know one another. 

Area community service groups actively donate time and money to many good causes as they deliver Meals on Wheels, provide free assistive devices, beautify the town, provide community activities, provide grants to BHHS graduates, and beautify two parks; one of which sports a large pond and a recent donation of grills. 

Thanks to local businesses and volunteers, every year there are giant fireworks displays. If you attend the annual Fall Festival, you will enjoy music, a variety of foods, vendors, activities for the young, a huge car show with a burnout contest and, as a bonus, one of the two fireworks displays. Beginning in 2021, the festival hosted a carnival!

This community is 50 minutes from St. Louis and 60 from Springfield. Bunker Hill is on Highway 159; 15 miles north of Edwardsville. You can’t miss it because you’ll have to stop at the only 4-way intersection. The American flag proudly waves there. At the next intersection North, the Lincoln statue greets visitors. You’ll see some special murals as well. 

Bunker Hill boasts home town shopping, banking, funeral services, plumbing, heating and electrical, health services, food, beauty, newspaper, automotive, farm, and much more. 

View our impressive list of businesses on our Chamber member list. 

This Chamber of Commerce is active.  Come check us out if you are looking for a very special community to live, to send your kids to first-rate schools, to start a business, or just chill out away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. There is a strong Christian feel here. There are nine churches in the Bunker Hill ZIP Code.

There is something very special about this town that may harken back to the days of barn raising. Years ago in farming communities, if someone needed a barn, neighbors would show up and help build it while others cooked and served up some great meals. In today’s world, Bunker Hill is known for coming together to help others in need with their generous hearts. 

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